Long weekend

We went to Seattle this past weekend, and I’d been planning to post a few pictures for you of our walk along Alki Beach, but wouldn’t you know it, the white balance on the camera was set to something weird, and all the photos came out purple, which tells me two things: 1. I need to always leave the white balance set to Auto, and 2. I need to learn to fix these things  in Photoshop!

So I thought I’d share this art from textile artist Lesley Richmond of Vancouver instead. Since it was pouring with rain on Sunday, we decided to see the High Fiber Diet exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Lesley was one of the exhibiters. I don’t think this is the exact piece we saw at BAM, but it’s from the same series. On her website, Lesley says she takes photos of trees, prints the images on cloth, and then paints over them with metal patinas and pigments. They’re so delicate, but they glow.

3 comments on “Long weekend
  1. You might say these are fibre optics.

  2. HB says:

    That’s beautiful! A photo of something like that would make a lovely book cover. Maybe there could be a sail boat and some water in the foreground?

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