Monthly Archives: March 2013

Scouting for locations

It actually felt like spring here today, so a couple of us decided to scout for locations for a photo shoot for the cover of PROVE IT, JOSH. That’s one of the fun things about working with Sono Nis Press – I actually get to have some input into the cover design, which is pretty unusual if you go the traditional publishing route. I shot a bunch of photos of the boatyard and surroundings, so I thought I’d share a few here.

Here’s the boatyard at Brentwood Bay with the ferry dock in the background:


This is the ways (marine railway) used for hauling boats out of the water for repair:


Here’s the Brentwood Bay – Mill Bay ferry – just a small one compared to the ferries that run between Vancouver and Vancouver Island:


And finally, in one of the scenes in the book, the kids watch a seagull trying to eat a seastar. If you’ve never seen this for yourself, it’s quite a sight!


We even discovered a secret beach, but I can’t show you pictures of that, because then it won’t be secret anymore!

On my walk…

I saw a woman dragging a sea-foam green chest down her stairs. I wonder what was inside that was so heavy…?

Catching up

I realize it’s been rather quiet round these parts, so I thought it might be time for a quick catch up.

First up, we took a trip to New Zealand to visit family (fun!) and attend a wedding (on the beach!). It’s been 10 years since our last trip, so we had to learn the new lingo – everything is choice, sweet as, or lovely.


Since we were there last, they’ve made a huge effort to encourage the native birds back into the cities, which was lovely to see. This is a tui in my aunty’s backyard.


We went on a few walks in the bush.


And ate our way through my favorite Kiwi treats – meat pies, custard squares, hokey pokey ice cream, jelly tips, fruit cake and many others, like these delicious coconut haystacks (thank you Mum!).


And of course, fish and chips.


At the beach.


And then it was back home to my revisions for PROVE IT, JOSH (new colored pens required!).


Which I just sent to my editor on Sunday. Yay!

How about you? Did I miss anything while I was gone?