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Follow the adventures of Tom in his rowing boat Kingfisher


This week I saw the coolest thing on Facebook—a link to 9-year old Tom’s Kingfisher Facebook page.

Tom, with support from his dad, wants to raise money for the Cody Dock bridge project in London, UK, and awareness of the River Lea.

For the past year, he’s been doing up his little boat Kingfisher and saving up to buy an electric outboard motor and solar panel so he can explore some of UK’s rivers.

This week, Tom is cruising down the River Lea, documenting his journey each day with photos and videos.

To find out more, visit Tom’s Facebook page or the Cody Dock Facebook page. And if you’re interested in supporting the Cody Dock bridge project, you might consider visiting the Spacehive page and pledging a small amount to help.

Good for you Tom!

Hammer and nails

hammer and nails


At the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre this weekend, I saw this table set up with supplies and tools for kids. It reminded me of sitting on the back doorstep when I was a kid with offcuts of wood, a small hammer and some nails. At the time I thought it was pretty boring. Maybe if the wood had been cut into boat-shaped pieces…?

Have you tried this with your kids?