About Jenny

Hi! I’m Jenny, mild-mannered technical writer by day, adventure-seeking children’s author by night.

I grew up in small-town New Zealand, dreaming of big adventures in faraway places. When I was 18, I spent a year as an exchange student in Thailand, where I learned to speak a little Thai (nit noi) and to eat curry and sticky rice with my fingers. After returning to New Zealand to earn a Master’s degree in psychology, I moved to San Diego and trained to be a technical writer. Now I, my husband and our small but feisty parrot make our home in Victoria, B.C. We grab every opportunity we can to go sailing with friends until we launch our very own plywood sailing dinghy.


4 comments on “About Jenny
  1. jackie levi says:

    Jenny, your book is one of the most appealing books I have ever read. I am a teacher librarian in an elementary school in Brampton, Ontario and I read thousands of books. The story is really well written and I hope it can win the Silver Birch Express Prize. Thank you for such a great story.

  2. gurleen says:

    how many books have you publish i need a anwser right now i am righting about u so i need to know plz and thankyou im in grade 6

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