Our first adventure in Ginger

For our first trip in Ginger we headed to the Sunshine Coast, to a charming campground recommended by some van owners we met in Victoria. Since we had to go over to the mainlaind to catch a ferry to the Sunshine Coast, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take Carlos to an avian vet in Vancouver, as well as to catch up with our long-time friends in New Westminster. As it turned out, it was the best decision—not only did we enjoy hanging out with our friends, staying in their driveway meant Patrick could replace the left front brake caliper, which had seized as we drove through downtown Vancouver in heavy traffic. Welcome to van life!

Once Patrick had fixed the van, and Carlos had visited the vet twice and we’d stocked up on bird medications to treat his suspected bone infection, we were off. We caught the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast, and then cruised up the highway to the campground, with an obligatory stop in Roberts Creek for ice cream and coffee.

Creekside Campground was a good spot for our first night of real camping. We were just a short walk from a supermarket (where we bought a piece of New Zealand steak to go with our salad), Strait Coffee (good coffee and delicious raspberry bar!), and most importantly, a Canadian Tire, where we bought an electrical adapter so we could plug the van into the power (to plug in Carlos’ heat lamp and run the fridge).

We did a bit of exploring—a trip up to Earls Cove, a visit to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (add this to your list for future camping trips!), and a lovely evening in Davis Bay eating fish and chips and watching the sun set.

Fun times!

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  1. lakatacat says:

    Looks like a brilliant trip Jenny! Love the photos!

  2. That was quite an adventure! Love the photos! They show your adventure perfectly!

  3. stagsa says:

    Great story, Jenny! Love the photos!!

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