What the kids think of Prove It, Josh

It’s been a while since I posted anything new here, mostly because I’ve had my head down working on a new story, code name – Kai. This one is out on submission now, which any author will tell you is an anxious time. Will other people like it as much as I do? Will it find a home?

In the meantime, it’s back to the blank page as I get started on the first draft of a new story. I’m excited to dive into the writing but trying to hold back until I have a solid outline. This time I’m determined to understand the main conflicts and how the character will grow over the course of the story before I start writing. Yeah, I hear you say, good luck with that!

One thing that gets me in the mood for a new project is looking at the things kids said about Prove It, Josh. Some good, some bad, but all honest!

  • I like this book
  • I liked this book. The race part was fun.
  • This book was a bit funny. I think it was funny because Josh was 11 years old and he did not know how to read well. I was never thinking that you could dive in to a ocean that there are boats sailing but Josh did to get his dads clanks. It was sad for him that he wanted to go sailing but he had to go to a reading tutor. This book was a pretty long chapter book but it didn’t have many hard words. I would recommend this book to grade 3-5.
  • When I read the back of the book I thought it would be interesting, but when I was actually reading it, I didn’t enjoy it. I would rate this book 6/10 :()
  • i like this book because it is like a andvencher but in a book i at lest think it is so cool
  • I really liked this book! I really liked the ending when Josh said: “You’ll have to read the book to find out.” Since I really love this book, I would wish that there would be a second book like the Hunger Games series!!! XD
  • So far i loved this book cause when ever i read 1 chapter it feels like im josh im am very proud of josh but i am sad that he cant join the super hero program cause it makes me sad 🙁 the thing i dont understand is how come josh cant write proparly.I hope that he will learn tho i am happy that josh risked his life almost just for daniel and alex.I recommend this book to everyone that has read my text!With all my hope i wish at the end of the book josh will win cause i havent get to that part yet im still at chapter 6!YAY! at least im catching up 🙂 good luck to everyone in express 🙂
  • i really loved how josh risked his race for Daniel and Alex when they were drowning. i think its MUCH better than winning from Brittany, the brat
  • I thought it would’ve been a Bad book,but it was pretty good
  • I did not think it would be good but it turned out to be very good.
  • why was the book called prove it josh case 50% of the book did not go with the title
  • I think that learning to read is hard. But, when you are concentrated you can do anything. Josh is learning to read and he jest has to clear his mind and concentrate on learning new things like reading. I think that even when something is hard you should always try to do it before giving up. I hope that everyone enjoys reading this amazing book and thinks about what you can do when you think hard and concentrate you can do everything and anything.
  • This book is really amazing. It shows that winning isn’t everything and friendship is more important. Josh really believed in himself in the boat race at the end.I wished that the author could make a series of Prove It, Josh books.
  • This book taught me a lesson that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it matters if you played fairly and helped your teammates at times !
  • The story was nice and it had a good moral to the story too.
  • This book was a really good one! It had good message and it was super interesting!
  • My favourite part of the book was when Josh saved Daniel and Alex from drowning. If you read this book you will really enjoy it.
  • Very good book , quick and easy read . Quite enjoyed it .
  • I like this book because josh likes boats and so do I ! 🙂
  • interesting and amazingly happy and sad Josh is a role model.
  • This book is very good. I recommend it to everyone!!!!
  • so far so good
  • My favourite part was when the boy was travelling in the boat and telling about what was happening in his life

Back to my blue writing desk I go. Wish me luck!

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