Making a grass trumpet

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time outside, racing my sister around the clothesline, and practicing cartwheels and handstands. But it never occurred to me to use grass as a musical instrument. I’d never heard of a grass trumpet until I saw it sitting proudly, number 25, on the bucket list.

Last Saturday, we had friends over for a picnic dinner on the front lawn. I say lawn, but it’s more of a meadow since it’s a month overdue for mowing, but that’s another story. Anyway, we were sitting on the grass enjoying the warm weather and good food, when my fine friend Gareth plucked some of our long, luscious grass and began to toot it like a horn. Ah ha! A grass trumpet!

Gareth playing his grass trumpet


To make a grass trumpet:

  1. Pluck a piece of the widest grass you can find.
  2. String the grass between your thumbs, so that it’s pulled taut.
  3. Blow between your thumbs so that the grass vibrates and sounds like a trumpet.

Hold the grass taut between your thumbs


I can do it - can you?


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